[Public WebGL] gl.sizeInBytes

Vladimir Vukicevic [email protected]
Sun Jan 10 12:44:12 PST 2010

On 1/10/2010 12:30 PM, Patrick Baggett wrote:
> In section 5.13.3, the first table defines the different types of 
> WebGL[Type]Arrays, and in that process, it defines the size, down to 
> the bit, of the elements inside each array. Since these types are 
> already completely specified, what is the purpose of 
> WebGLContext::sizeInBytes()?
> Or to put it another way, how would app handle sizeInBytes(FLOAT) == 8 
> if 5.13.3 defines WebGLFloatArray to be 32-bit floating point values? 
> Wouldn't it make more sense for WebGL[Type]Arrays to have elements of 
> size sizeInBytes([Type])? Or keep 5.13.3 and drop sizeInBytes() entirely?

sizeInBytes is intended to be a convenience function, so that you can 
write 100 * gl.sizeInBytes(gl.FLOAT) instead of having a magic "4" 
there.  It will always return the same size values that are listed in 
5.13.3.  But I do think that we can do without it; if anything, we could 
just define constants on the gl object, e.g. gl.FLOAT_SIZE, or perhaps 
WebGLFloatArray.ELEMENT_SIZE or something (though the latter is pretty 

     - Vlad

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