[Public WebGL] gl.enable(gl.TEXTURE_2D)

Giles Thomas [email protected]
Tue Jan 19 08:37:59 PST 2010

Hi all,

A quick follow-up question:

2010/1/13 Kenneth Russell <[email protected]>

> TEXTURE_2D is not a valid enable bit in OpenGL ES 2.0 or, consequently,
> WebGL. The enum was in the EnableCap section only because it was there in
> the OpenGL ES 2.0 headers. I've moved its definition to the TextureTarget
> section.

Have there been versions of Chrome (or perhaps WebKit?) where
gl.enable(gl.TEXTURE_2D) was erroneously required to enable textures?  A
reader of my blog reports that Chrome 4.0.295 seems to need it with a
specific OS/graphics card combination -- details here:


Giles Thomas
[email protected]
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