[Public WebGL] black patches in background

Stephen Bannasch [email protected]
Wed Feb 2 12:14:01 PST 2011

At 6:58 AM -0800 2/2/11, [email protected] wrote:
> > I have some users on Windows XP who report black patches and artifacts in
>> the background on this visualization:
>> http://visual-demos.dev.concord.org/seasons/earth/index.html
>> They report using MW Windows XP Professional on an HP AMD Athlon II P320
>> with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2450 Graphics
>> cardswith700 MB memory on Chrome 9.0.597.83 beta.
>I can repro it on Firefox 4b11pre (last nights build) in WinXP with an
>nVidia card...so it's not just that setup that has problems.
>The problem looks a lot like Z-fighting.
>> Anybody know what is causing this and if there is anything I can do about
>> it?
>Probably you are drawing your "sky" polygons too close to the far clip
>plane.  You'll want to either at least halve the size of the "sky" model -
>or at least double your far-z value...or both!

Steve's suggestion was right.

I increased the far clip to 10x the radius of my sky model and the black patch problem disappeared on the Chrome and FF beta Windows implementations.
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