[Public WebGL] Oes2.0

John Davis [email protected]
Thu Feb 3 17:55:01 PST 2011

What I'm interested in testing on is something that runs on tablet class
hardware.  Like Android or iPad tables.  It would really stink if we missed
something OES2.0 specific due to the fact we are emulating it on top of
desktop OpenGL or DirectX.  As far as I can tell we haven't even tried
running on anything from Imagination.

On Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 10:54 AM, Vladimir Vukicevic <[email protected]>wrote:

> Both Firefox and Chrome have options to use the desktop GL driver,
> bypassing ANGLE for D3D emulation... in the latest nightly builds (and the
> upcoming beta), toggle webgl.prefer-native-gl in about:config.  For Chrome,
> I believe it's --use-gl=desktop.
>    - Vlad
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> > What's the best non-angle implementation to test webgl on?
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