[Public WebGL] opengl to webgl

Steve Baker [email protected]
Fri Feb 4 12:19:04 PST 2011

Urgh!  Stoopidly named project!  It's really "eMscripteN"...my bad.


The idea is that you compile your program (in any of half a dozen
languages - but including C and C++) using the GNU compiler suite (gcc,
g++, etc) and tell it to generate "LLVM bitcode" - which is an
intermediate machine-code-like language ("Low Level Virtual Machine").

emscripten takes the LLVM code and converts it (with optimization) into

So, just like magic, you can take your dusty old Fortran source code for
Collosal Cave and run it in a browser!

...well, that's the theory anyway!  I haven't played with it.  I have no
idea whether it works well or not.

There is a demo of the Lua interpreter and the CPython
interpreter...compiled using gcc...converted from LLVM and into
Javascript and running on a web site...so you can type in Lua code and
see it run right there in your browser!

Someone on the Mozilla blog site said that they had used it to convert
the "Bullet" physics engine into JavaScript.   That's a gigantic C++
library - and if this approach really did that, then it's a pretty
impressive thing.

(Sorry about the typo...twice!)

  -- Steve

On 02/04/2011 01:35 PM, Mark Callow wrote:
> Steve,
> I have been unable to find any such tools. Can you provide more
> information? The top hit when I googled "enscriptem" was a post of
> yours to the Khronos message boards which, like the quote below,
> contained no information beyond the name. The other 23 hits were in
> Hungarian or Polish; none of them appeared to be a home page for
> enscriptem.
> Regards
>     -Mark
> On 2011/02/04 9:34, Steve Baker wrote:
>> There are a few tools out there (Google for "enscriptem",
>> for example) that will "compile" C or C++ into JavaScript - I have no
>> idea how good they are in practical applications though.

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