[Public WebGL] Blacklisting and get.webgl.org

Steve Baker [email protected]
Sun Feb 13 14:38:13 PST 2011

Well, the blacklisting of my driver just rolled in with the latest
Firefox nightly...and I can report that the blacklist definitely works!

One thing that bothers me though is that my web site does the usual
WebGL detection - finds a problem and punts the user off to
http://get.webgl.org - which (of course) tells me:

     Your browser doesn't appear to support WebGL.
     An up-to-date list of browsers that do support WebGL, is available

...which of course is untrue.   My browser DOES support WebGL - and it's
on the "available here" list.  So this web page is definitely going to
confuse our users.  Ideally, it needs to say that my graphics card
driver is out of date and provide a convenient link back to nVidia's
site to upgrade it...but without being able to get useful data out of
the VENDOR/RENDERER/VERSION strings - that's going to be impossible in

I suppose it should check the user-agent string against a list of
known-to-support-WebGL browsers and if the browser is OK recommend that
you check "about:gpu" or "about:support" and check for a driver/graphics
upgrade...but Joe Public is going to have a tough time figuring that
out.   We need to do a better job.

This kind of thing will become important as WebGL rolls out from the
"early adopters" to more general users.

  -- Steve

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