[Public WebGL] shader linking breaks WebGL context - Chrome 11 73189

Mark Callow [email protected]
Thu Feb 24 17:17:51 PST 2011


When I call getProgramParameter(program, LINK_STATUS) on the following
pair of shaders, getProgramParameter returns null. Not false, null. If I
comment out the last line of the fragment shader body or comment out the
"* col" in that line the link works.

var myfs = "precision mediump float;"
+ "varying vec4 erp_var_texcoord0;"
+ "uniform sampler2D erp_texture[1];"
+ "varying vec4 erp_var_color;"
+ "void main() {"
+ "vec4 col;"
+ "col = texture2D(erp_texture[0], erp_var_texcoord0.st);"
+ "gl_FragColor = erp_var_color * col;"
+ "}";

var myvs = "attribute vec4 erp_color;"
+ "varying vec4 erp_var_color;"
+ "attribute vec4 erp_texcoord0;"
+ "varying vec4 erp_var_texcoord0;"
+ "uniform mediump vec4 erp_textureFactor[2];"
+ "uniform mat4 erp_matrix[7];"
+ "attribute vec4 erp_position;"
+ "void main() {"
+ "gl_Position = erp_matrix[0] * erp_position;"
+ "erp_var_texcoord0 = erp_matrix[5] * erp_texcoord0;"
+ "erp_var_color = erp_color;"
+ "}";

I am running in GWT. I trapped the exception, in case GWT was turning
false into null, and called getInfoProgramLog but it also returns null.
I cannot see what it wrong with the shader.

I am running Chrome 11.0.656.0 (73189). I have been unable to try
anything more recent as Chrome continuous builds for the last week or
more and Chrome Canary crash instantly when I try to run them. I am
running on Windows XP SP2. I tried removing my User Data as suggested in
various bulletin boards but it did not help.

Any suggestions for either problem will be gratefully received.



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