[Public WebGL] problematic more/ tests now part of 1.0.0 conformance suite

Benoit Jacob [email protected]
Sat Feb 26 15:06:17 PST 2011


I noticed that the more/ directory was moved to conformance/ so I guess that I really have to make us pass them now if we don't want to look bad. But the quickCheckAPI.html test is giving me headaches:

  * at quickCheckAPI.js:1050, we have this expression:

      ximage instanceof ImageData

    and it gives me this error: 'ImageData is not defined' in Firefox 4. Do you think that's a bug in Firefox? I thought, perhaps wrongly, that such type names were considered an internal thing.

  * at quickCheckAPI.js:342, we have:

      img = document.createElement('img');
      img.width = w; img.height = h;

    which creates an image with 'void' image data, which generates an exception in Firefox 4 when passed to texImage2D, but the test expects that to work. Here I guess it really is a gray area?

Unless you think that these are plain Firefox bugs, could we somehow make it clear that more/ is not part of the conformance suite? Earlier we had agreed to have the more/ tests not run by default by the online runner, but I never took the time to write the patch (sorry).

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