[Public WebGL] debugging a shaderLinkError

Stephen Bannasch [email protected]
Mon Feb 28 00:47:56 PST 2011

At 12:03 AM -0500 2/28/11, Daniel Koch wrote:
>I'd suggest trying with a more recent version of Chrome/ANGLE.  A number of limits have been bumped up in ANGLE since then.
>(That said, I expect you'll still run out of varyings though).
>The current limits (on SM3 hardware) are:
>MAX_VARYING_VECTORS                10
>MAX_VERTEX_ATTRIBS                 16
>MAX_VERTEX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS     16               0
>MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_VECTORS       1024             254

I've got Chrome v9.0.597.98 installed on Windows 7 on the HP 425 laptops.

Are you suggesting a newer beta-version of Chrome will increase these limits?
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