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Tue May 3 08:01:20 PDT 2011

Benoit, all,

I’m expecting a public WebCL mailing list to be set up within the next few days, we’re only waiting for a final “OK” from the Khronos board.

Meanwhile, you may want to try out our WebCL prototype at http://webcl.nokiaresearch.com. Be forewarned that it probably won’t work out of the box, unless you have very recent NVIDIA or AMD display drivers already installed (which may actually be the case for most people on this mailing list, but not the general public). The source code is available under LGPL.

We would appreciate any feedback, either directly to me or via the upcoming WebCL public mailing list. Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Tomi Aarnio
Senior Research Engineer
Nokia Research Center
Tampere, Finland

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I, too, am eagerly waiting for the creation of a public WebCL list. I know at least 3 people working on WebCL-ish stuff who do not have access to the private list.

When will the mailing list go public?

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