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Benoit Jacob [email protected]
Thu May 5 05:01:37 PDT 2011

This is not possible at the moment. That would require exposing the WebGL context to the plugin API. Also, many browsers (at least Firefox >= 3.6.4, Chrome, etc) run plugins in a separate process from the content process, so just getting the OpenGL handles would be useless (at least, non portable) without a mechanism for piping GL calls across processes. Finally, if this were possible, assuming that you mean giving to plugins direct access to the underlying OpenGL context, that would allow plugins to crash the content process by issuing e.g. a bad glTexImage2D call, defeating plugin crash isolation mechanisms in place in browsers. For these reasons, it doesn't seem likely to me that we would want to do that. 


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Can we share the webgl context with a browser plugin? Does anybody have an idea? 

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