[Public WebGL] oes-texture-float conformance

Vladimir Vukicevic [email protected]
Tue May 10 11:55:51 PDT 2011

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> Exactly. Imagine all the awesome creative things that happen in JS DOM
> land now because of this behavior.
> Also, I don't see how this is different than the behavior of calls
> like getParameter:
> var tex0 = gl.getParameter(gl.TEXTURE_BINDING_2D);
> var tex1 = gl.getParameter(gl.TEXTURE_BINDING_2D);
> assert(tex0 == tex1);
> Without this being true I couldn't do useful things like:
> tex.width = width; tex.height = height;
> Or cache the uniform locations on the program object. Etc etc.

It's not any different.  And yep, if you don't hold the tex object, your width/height are liable to disappear on you in Firefox.  Sorry :(

> I think it's pretty simple - if you can modify the
> WebGLRenderingContext and have those changes persist across getContext
> calls, you should be able to modify the extensions and have those
> changes persist across getExtension calls. Anything else is just bad
> design.

Same problem!  Just noone ever lets go of the rendering context :)

I agree that it's useful, it's just not implemented that way.  Benoit, did you look into seeing how complex the implementation would be?  We just need to find a way to keep the wrappers around -- (sorry rest of list, mozilla-specific stuff here) perhaps we can decorate these various objects' classinfos with a new property that tells xpconnect that we want to preserve the wrapper no matter what?

    - Vlad
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