[Public WebGL] Vetex shader texture lookups

Benoit Jacob [email protected]
Mon May 16 08:04:36 PDT 2011

Firefox is not yet using a recent enough version of ANGLE to have this feature. 

I will try to update our ANGLE copy as soon as possible, for Firefox 6. 


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It is not working for me in either FF4 or WebKit. In both cases, I first of all see a screen with an image and below it the message that I need a WebGL capable browser. That quickly disappears to be replaced by black with a message below telling me I can use the arrow keys to move left & right. Nothing further happens. 



On 11/05/14 5:53, John Davis wrote: 

To those needing a work around for the lack of texture lookups in the current Angle, here is a really cool way to handle noise based vertex displacements. 


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