[Public WebGL] Could Flash run OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders?

Steve Baker [email protected]
Mon May 30 08:27:54 PDT 2011

> Could ANGLE target the Flash shader assembly AGAL, so a Flash plug-in could be used from Javascript like a WebGL canvas?

In principle - one turing-complete computational system can do what any
other can - so long as it can plot pixels to the screen, it's could do
it.   HOWEVER, the efficiency of such a system would be problematic -
and the flash shader language is nasty machine-code so at the very
least, we'd have to completely compile GLSL and optimize into the flash
shader language.  By comparison, GLSL and HLSL are remarkably similar
languages and the smallest syntactic tweaks are all that is usually
required to get one into the other.

But why on earth do such an incredibly nasty thing?  We have native
WebGL implementations coming on-stream for all of the major platforms.  
Why layer atop a plugin and go through all that ugliness?

  -- Steve

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