[Public WebGL] readPixles() can't access float values (OES_texture_float interaction)

Mark Callow [email protected]
Tue Sep 13 16:22:07 PDT 2011

Doing this goes against the long standing principle of uniformity across
implementations. Allowing extensions cracked open the door to
non-uniformity. This decision blows it wide open. These demos, that have
wowed people to the extent of ignoring the long standing principle, will
likely only be seen by a minority of web users.

The facts of the matter are that there is NO mobile GPU design that
supports rendering to float buffers and only a single mobile GPU design
that supports rendering to half-float buffers. It will be probably 2
years before this situation changes. Furthermore determining whether or
not a WebGL implementation supports such rendering is a lot more complex
than a simple query. I expect there will be many developers who will get
a nasty suprise after deploying their applications when they find it
does not work for a substantial number of people.



On 2011/09/12 14:54, Kenneth Russell wrote:
> There seems to be agreement among the WebGL WG members that enabling
> render-to-fp-texture functionality, where it can be supported, is
> crucial. Further, there's at least one ES 2.0 chipset that supports
> fp16 renderbuffers. Therefore, I've updated the WebGL extension
> registry's exposure of OES_texture_float and OES_texture_half_float
> ([1], [2]) to indicate that the WebGL versions of these extensions
> optionally allow these textures to be used as the color attachments to
> FBOs.
> I think that any changes related to reading back of FLOAT pixels via
> readPixels should wait for a future revision of the WebGL spec.
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