[Public WebGL] Standalone IDL has FloatArray where it probably means Float32Array

Boris Zbarsky [email protected]
Tue Apr 3 12:55:42 PDT 2012

On 4/3/12 3:37 PM, Kenneth Russell wrote:
> Yes, webgl.idl and the index.html are both completely hand edited
> right now. It would be great if we could automatically generate one
> from the other. Any contributions here would be welcome.

One "simple" option is to load the spec in your browser of choice, then 
run this bookmarklet:


and then copy/paste the resulting text into the IDL file.

I can write you a command-line version of this in Python if you want, if 
you just want to have a script that runs on the spec .html and spits out 
the IDL.  It'd take a bit more work because of the crappy DOM support in 
Python, but not that much more.  If there's already a script generating 
stuff that you have to run anyway, this is probably the approach you 
want, right?


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