[Public WebGL] Standalone IDL has FloatArray where it probably means Float32Array

Boris Zbarsky [email protected]
Tue Apr 3 18:28:53 PDT 2012

On 4/3/12 6:43 PM, Kenneth Russell wrote:
> Cool, thanks; that's remarkably simple.

This whole web thing... when it works, it's really nice.  ;)

> There's currently no generation script associated with the spec or
> webgl.idl. If you'd be willing to write the Python to produce
> webgl.idl from the spec, I'll write the Makefile to hook it up.

Attached.  You'll need to have the html5lib Python module installed, but 
hopefully that's not too big a problem.  If we do need something that 
doesn't use html5lib, please count me out; the chances of screwing it up 
somehow are too high.  ;)

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