[Public WebGL] Should WebGLContextAttributes be a callback interface?

Cameron McCormack [email protected]
Sun Apr 8 19:22:28 PDT 2012

Kenneth Russell:
> Sorry about that. It looks like I did drop that set of changes on the
> floor by accident. Let's resolve this issue now.
> Has there been a decision on the best path forward here? The
> requirements in the WebGL spec are relatively small; it must be
> possible to pass a user object to getContext("webgl", /* attrs */) and
> it must be possible to define the attributes and their types returned
> from getContextAttributes. Aside from that the existence of the
> WebGLContextAttributes interface is not important.

Another problem is that a callback interface can't be used as the return 
type of getContextAttributes().  (It seems Web IDL doesn't explicitly 
disallow this, but it should.)

Am I right in thinking that assigning to the properties of the object 
returned from getContextAttributes() shouldn't affect the context?  In 
that case, I think we can just change WebGLContextAttributes to a 
dictionary, and that lets us put the defaults on the dictionary too to 
avoid mentioning them in prose:

   dictionary WebGLContextAttributes {
     boolean alpha = true;
     boolean depth = true;
     boolean stencil = false;
     boolean antialias = true;
     boolean premultipliedAlpha = true;
     boolean preserveDrawingBuffer = false;

getContextAttributes() will then return a new JS object with those six 
properties set on it.

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