[Public WebGL] Null return values from create*

Cameron McCormack [email protected]
Mon Apr 9 00:51:40 PDT 2012

Glenn Maynard:
> Many functions still have neither a nullable nor "any" return value, nor
> explicit context lost handling, which isn't valid.  A sample:
> getSupportedExtensions, getProgramInfoLog, getShaderPrecisionFormat,
> getShaderSource.  It's bad that it's so hard to detect these.  It would
> be a lot nicer if the "explicit context lost handling" was something we
> could annotate in WebIDL, eg. something like
> boolean isContextLost() annotate(explicit_context_loss=True);
> so these invalid cases could be detected automatically.  It might be
> useful for people generating bindings, too.
> +CC Cameron: Is there any way to do this now, or could something like
> this be added, so we can annotate functions with arbitrary, API-specific
> strings?  This would have no effect on the IDL; it would just be for
> API-specific flags.

Do you want annotations that just control the behaviour of the 
operations (to save writing prose on each one checking for whether the 
context has been lost and returning null)?  If so, I think using an 
extended attribute for this would be fine:


I don't see any problem with defining say [WebGLContextLoss] in the 
WebGL spec and writing

   [WebGLContextLoss] sequence<DOMString>? getSupportedExtensions();

(Is it worth Web IDL having an explicit spec-local naming convention for 
extended attributes like this?  Or perhaps some character that 
introduces spec-local extended attributes, like [@ContextLoss]?)

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