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Note that even defining "unbiased" is nontrivial. It could mean at least 3 different things: 
1. representative of the whole population of Web users 
2. representative of the subset of Web users who try to access WebGL content 
3. representative of a more specific population i.e. if you're a game developer, you're interested in the population of visitors of your game's website. 

For Firefox users, I have some precise data about 2. and more indirect data about 1. on this page: 

The blue curve on these graphs gives the answer to 2. for Firefox users. It says it's currently just under 50%, about to hit 50% soon. 

The orange curve says how many % of people have accelerated compositing. We know that the % of people who can access WebGL content is significantly higher than that (because our blacklist rules for compositing are particularly conservative). Currently the orange curve is at 27%, so it's safe to say that the answer to 1. for Firefox users is somewhere between 30% and 35%. 


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> I am not sure how biased this is. If I compare these numbers with our
> internal tracking they seem low for coming from a WebGL background.
> In general we just use 2d canvas and offer WebGL only as
> experimental option. But we track all people that hit our game.

> In the last 30 days we had 500.000 unique users. There was no WebGL
> support at all for 22% (mostly IE). Around 15% have a WebGL
> compatible browser but there was a Problem creating a context. And
> final for 63% we were able to create a WebGL context. I know that
> this is biased too as PC gamers are most likely update their browser
> and drivers more often then other users.

> Anyway I think the details are the more interesting part as it helps
> to know what could be used if someone made the decision to use WebGL
> at all.

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> > I hate to rain on the parade but the data is being collected from
> > WebGL applications which gives an inherent bias to the "Who has
> > WebGL answer." I'd use that particular piece of information with
> > caution.
> There is a certain seed bias but not because the information is being
> collected from WebGL applications (it isn't just), but because those
> interested to embedd the tracker are from a WebGL background, who
> tend to have web properties that attract a WebGL centric crowd.

> That being said, the tracker is now included on 34 different sites,
> it has 146k visitors and 230k impressions. You have to start
> somewhere if you want to get data.
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