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Benoit Jacob [email protected]
Fri Apr 13 06:47:02 PDT 2012

Firefox for Android supports for WebGL, but I don't think that many people use it at the moment, and runs WebGL slow. It's undergoing a near complete rewrite to be more appealing (on Android), should be out in a few months, you can try the Nightly builds. Fast WebGL may not be there right upon release, but will hopefully follow a bit later this year. 

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> > Does it support webgl?
> 519 android-looking user-agents (out of 530k visits) look like they
> support WebGL. I think due to the low number, that's somewhat
> unreliable, and it'd only be 7.2% of all android-looking
> user-agents. So I think the answer is no. Android does not support
> WebGL (or at least not in any kind of number you can use).

> http://webglstats.com/
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