[Public WebGL] Improving "explicit context loss handling"

Glenn Maynard [email protected]
Sun Apr 15 07:10:23 PDT 2012

Based on the earlier discussion with Boris and Cameron, I'll suggest the

1. Replace the "The following methods have explicit context lost
handling..." section with WebIDL extended attributes.  Remove that list,
and add the [WebGLContextLoss] attribute to those methods, eg.

    [WebGLContextLoss] boolean isContextLost();
    [WebGLContextLoss] GLenum checkFramebufferStatus(GLenum target);

2. In 5.14, replace step 1. with: "1. If the [WebGLContextLoss] extended
attribute appears on the called method, perform the implementation of the
called method, return its result and terminate these steps."

This makes it much easier to see a function's behavior by looking at the
IDL.  Currently you have to "just know" that there's a list of functions
somewhere that may affect it; this attribute is a much clearer tip-off,
even on first reading.

It makes it possible to automatically sanity-check the IDL, to ensure that
all functions with non-nullable, non-any return values are also
[WebGLContextLoss].  It may also be usable by implementors, to
automatically generate the binding logic for these functions.

Glenn Maynard
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