[Public WebGL] conformance tests update: do-loop and while-loop related

Mo, Zhenyao [email protected]
Wed Apr 18 12:46:46 PDT 2012

I just removed the shader-with-do-scoping.html and added two more tests:

shader-with-do-loop.html and shader-with-while-loop.html.

In GLSL ES spec 1.0.17 Appendix A, section 4, "Support for while and
do-while is not mandated".  Therefore, for WebGL programs to be
portable, we should not allow while-loop and do-while-loop in WebGL.

The added two tests make sure these two types of loops are disallowed.
 In ANGLE's shader validator, we have been rejecting these two types
of loops for a long time.

The removed test was wrong because it assumed do-loop is allowed and
was testing the do-loop related scoping issue.

This change is for conformance test 1.0.2; they do not affect 1.0.1.

Let me know if there is an issue.


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