[Public WebGL] Firefox 14 auto-loses WebGL contexts on memory pressure; can be manually triggered

Benoit Jacob [email protected]
Sun Apr 29 15:26:36 PDT 2012

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> On 12/04/29 16:28, Benoit Jacob wrote:
> > In Firefox 14 (currently on the Aurora channel), on "memory
> > pressure"
> > events, the browser automatically loses all WebGL contexts.
> > You can open a tab, go to about:memory and click "Minimize memory
> > usage": this will send such a "memory-pressure" even, causing WebGL
> > contexts to be lost.
> If the purpose is remove pressure on main memory, it is unlikely to
> have much effect with most desltop GL implementations because the
> bulk of the context is stored in GPU memory. It may have more
> success on mobile devices where UMA is more common.

This was indeed first done with Mobile devices in mind. 

On desktop, I'm not sure if memory-pressure events ever happen spontaneously, at the moment. But I thought that was still useful as a developer tool, as it can be triggered manually in about:memory. 


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