[Public WebGL] Interest in promoting to draft, and implementing, WEBGL_dynamic_texture

Gregg Tavares [email protected]
Thu Jun 6 00:27:52 PDT 2013

Explicit present is covered by the DrawingBuffer proposal.


Which provides a way to present both from the main thread and from a worker
in sync with DOM updates.

On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 7:35 PM, Benoit Jacob <[email protected]> wrote:

>  On 13-06-05 09:42 PM, Mark Callow wrote:
>  On 2013/06/06 6:45, Benoit Jacob wrote:
> Dear list,
> What are the remaining open issues preventing WEBGL_dynamic_texture from
> being promoted to draft and implemented?
> What can I do to help resolve these?
> Following the EGL streams extensions definitely seems like the right
> approach to this problem; from a naive reading of the
> WEBGL_dynamic_texture specification, it seems like the general approach
> is the right one and issues would be in details that would be best
> investigated in the process of working on an experimental implementation.
>  Hi Benoit
> The current draft spec. is insufficient in regards to synchronization
> capabilities. I am working on an update which will draw on OpenML and the
> recent EGL_ANDROID_presentation_time extension and accounts for the web
> approach of having a presentation time for each frame instead of a pre-set
> frame rate. The spec. should not be promoted until this update.
> It will be easier for accurate synchronization if we had an explicit
> present call for the drawing buffer. I know this has come up in other
> threads. My current plan is to present 2 alternatives in the updated spec:
> with and without an explicit present call. However this is subject to
> change according to issues that may come up as I write the draft.
> I am delighted to hear a strong request for this extension. It will give
> me impetus to get back to it and complete the update.
> Thanks Mark for the reply. I look forward to the advancement of
> WEBGL_dynamic_texture. Indeed, there is fairly strong interest from Mozilla
> in this functionality. In the interest of full disclosure: the interest
> comes from Firefox OS, where JavaScript is the only application development
> language and WebGL the only GL-like API, and therefore something like
> WEBGL_dynamic_texture appears to be particularly important to enable
> advanced graphics involving video textures.
> Benoit
>   Regards
>     -Mark
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