[Public WebGL] Re: retrograde webgl support levels

Florian Bösch [email protected]
Tue Nov 4 00:56:21 PST 2014

The first few days of November stats are in (Saturday, Sunday and Monday).
It's looking very good overall, with *webgl support standing at 80.4%*.

Congratulations to the Microsoft IE team, WebGL support on desktops is up 8%
from last month to *80%* this month, (at least with the limited demographic
I see). This beats Firefox down 5% from last month to *76% *this month.

OSX Safari which has been a troublesome spot for WebGL is also making good
progress, up 16% from last month to *30%* this month.

Chrome has fixed their blacklist issue and is in the process of recovering
previously lost WebGL support level and with *92%* this month they're
standing near their average support level again.

Several extensions have seen implementations come online such as:

   - *EXT_shader_texture_lod*: Chrome and Opera on desktops, not supported
   by IE and firefox
   - *EXT_frag_depth*: Chrome, Firefox and Opera on desktops, not supported
   by IE and Safari
   - *EXT_blend_minmax: *Chrome, Firefox and Opera on desktops, not
   supported by IE and Safari

Some points of concern:

   - Browser fragmentation on Android is an issue with many of the custom
   browsers rarely updating their engine, and replacement of the built-in
   android browser with chrome mobile is slow.
   - Neither Safari nor Firefox implement WEBGL_debug_renderer_info. It's
   commendable that IE and Chrome do implement it, thank you guys!
   - EXT_disjoint_timer_query isn't implemented so far. This would be a
   useful tool among other things, to improve the conformance tests.
   - IE mobile and Android browser (built in) doesn't implement
   OES_standard_derivatives (nearly universally implemented by any other

I've also added recording of WebGL2 and its parameters to
http://webglstats.com/ . I'm looking forward to integrate this data on the
site once implementations come online, and explore the ranges of the 26 new
parameters that'll come with WebGL 2.0.
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