[Public WebGL] WebGL BOF presentations from SIGGRAPH 2017

Jukka Jylänki [email protected]
Thu Aug 10 12:03:55 PDT 2017

Thanks for producing a video of the event Ken!

It was great to get to watch it, I feel sad I was not able to attend.

In particular, Spector.js looks like a dream tool, did not know about
it before, and I was already able to use it to debug two bugs I have
had in my backlog. This is extremely impressive work from Babylon.js
authors - you guys had to write a tool to debug Babylon.js, but in the
process made it generic so it applies to any WebGL page. That rocks
big time!


2017-08-10 6:16 GMT+03:00 Kenneth Russell <[email protected]>:
> [cross-posted to webgl-dev-list]
> WebGL community,
> Thanks to you all, the WebGL BOF at SIGGRAPH was a great success! If you
> couldn't attend in person, all of the presentation materials, demos, and
> video of the BOF are now available here:
> https://www.khronos.org/webgl/wiki/Presentations#SIGGRAPH_2017_WebGL_BOF
> Thanks to all the presenters for making it a great get-together!
> -Ken

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