[Public WebGL] WEBGL_get_buffer_sub_data_async

Florian Bösch [email protected]
Mon Jan 2 08:48:17 PST 2017

This extension
has been introduced and elevated to draft without any public discussion.

In a nutshell it proposes a new WebGL2 function called
getBufferSubDataAsync which returns a promise that will be called
eventually with the buffer data.

I think there are several problems:

   1. The extension process states that "*Extensions move through four
   states during their development: proposed, draft, community approved, and
   Khronos ratified**"*. This extension never moved through the proposal
   2. The extension introduces promises to the WebGL API. This requires a
   more fundamental discussion.
   3. A discussion if this extension is required if WebWorkers can access
   the same context as the main thread has not happened.

This extension should be in proposal status, and the necessary discussions
should happen first.
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