[Public WebGL] WEBGL_multiview discussion

Florian Bösch [email protected]
Wed Jan 18 01:35:03 PST 2017

Issues I have with the underlying OVR_multiview extension:

   - no tessellation and geometry shaders: this isn't going to bother WebGL
   right now, but OpenGL ES  3.2 does introduce tessellation and geometry
   shaders. This issue should be resolved before WebGL gets to ES 3.2. That
   might seem like a lot of time now, but it's my observation that in the end
   time always runs out to fix all the things, so please plan for this now.
   - no timer queries: Timer queries are helpful in a variety of usecases.
   Since WebGL is FPS limited to whatever RAF does (60 or 90 in the case of
   WebVR), it's the only way to measure performance impact of the render loop
   before frames are being dropped. Dropped frames are extremely undesirable
   for VR. Although timer queries might have computational overhead (depending
   on driver/GPU), paying that cost can still be preferable to dropping
   frames. Given the unique importance of timer queries to WebVR, this issue
   should be resolved ASAP
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