[Public WebGL] Shader Compilation

Paul Cheyrou-Lagrèze [email protected]
Wed Jul 25 23:43:24 PDT 2018


This one is about async compiling but also knowing when it finished:

In Angle

Not sure it would work in sync mode though, I agree that it would be very
useful too.


On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 5:45 AM Markus Mönig <[email protected]>

> Hi,
> I know this has probably been discussed many times, but will it ever
> be possible to know when a shader has finished compiling in WebGL v2 ?
> When the disjoint timer extension is back working again, for me this
> is the biggest limitation in WebGL. Not even async compiling, just
> knowing when the shader is finished.
> In my apps, when the shader gets complex I just don't know when it's
> safe to use it, and every access before compilation was finished
> results in blocking the app which really _sucks_.
> Thanks
> Markus
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