[Public WebGL] Announcement of WEBGL_multi_draw move to public

Shrek Shao ([email protected]) [email protected]
Mon Aug 3 15:44:10 PDT 2020

Dear WebGL community,

We are happy to announce that the WEBGL_multi_draw extension has been moved
to community approved.


This extension helps reduce draw call overhead by allowing better batching,
which can be useful for apps rendering large models composed of many
individual parts, but which all use the same shaders. Such apps frequently
face scalability issues with issuing large numbers of draw calls.

We expect broad availability of this extension in browsers, since it
delivers performance improvements even if implemented in the browser and
not the graphics driver. Early profiling with Fraunhofer, a CAD app
provider, showed considerable performance improvements when using the
extension including ~25% reduction in CPU time, ~9% reduction in GPU time,
~99% reduction in draw calls issued, and ~20% frame rate improvement!

We look forward to your using this extension and any feedback you have!

We anticipate two additional follow-on extensions to this one, delivering
draw calls supporting BaseVertex / BaseInstance functionality. Stay tuned!



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