[Public WebGL] WebGL2 element array buffer and copy buffer (5.1 Buffer Object Binding)

Kevin Rogovin ([email protected]) [email protected]
Thu Jul 9 10:00:48 PDT 2020


 Reading the text, it appears that:

glGenBuffers(1, &index_buffer);
glBindBuffer(GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER, index_buffer);

glBindBuffer(GL_COPY_READ_BUFFER, some_other_buffer);
glBindBuffer(GL_COPY_WRITE_BUFFER, index_buffer);
someOffset, someLength);

is legal because index_buffer gets the type "element array", from the
first bind and binding it to GL_COPY_WRITE_BUFFER is legal because of
what the table states.

However, the rational states the restriction is to make sure index
values are in range, but the above scenario in order to make sure that
the indices are in range would require that a browser implementation
would need to peek the buffers via CPU which would defeat the purpose
of using glCopyBufferSubData() on any index buffer.

What is expected to happen with the above?

Best Regards,

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