glMultiTexCoord — set the current texture coordinates

C Specification

void glMultiTexCoord4f(GLenum target,
 GLfloat s,
 GLfloat t,
 GLfloat r,
 GLfloat q);
void glMultiTexCoord4x(GLenum target,
 GLfixed s,
 GLfixed t,
 GLfixed r,
 GLfixed q);



Specifies the texture unit whose coordinates should be modified. The number of texture units is implementation dependent, but must be at least two. Symbolic constant must be one of GL_TEXTUREi, where i ranges from 0 to GL_MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS - 1, which is an implementation-dependent value.

s, t, r, q

Specify s, t, r, and q texture coordinates for target texture unit.


glMultiTexCoord specifies the four texture coordinates as (s, t, r, q).

The current texture coordinates are part of the data that is associated with each vertex. Initially, the values for s t r q are 0 0 0 1 .


It is always the case that GL_TEXTUREi = GL_TEXTURE0+i .

Associated Gets

glGet with argument GL_CURRENT_TEXTURE_COORDS with appropriate texture unit selected.

glGet with argument GL_MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS

See Also

glActiveTexture, glClientActiveTexture, glColor, glGet, glNormal, glTexCoordPointer


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