C Specification

// Provided by VK_KHR_video_queue
typedef struct VkVideoFormatPropertiesKHR {
    VkStructureType    sType;
    void*              pNext;
    VkFormat           format;
} VkVideoFormatPropertiesKHR;


  • sType is the type of this structure.

  • pNext is NULL or a pointer to a structure extending this structure.

  • format is one of the supported formats reported by the implementation.


If the pVideoProfiles provided in input structure pVideoFormatInfo are not supported, VK_ERROR_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED is returned. If the implementation requires an opaque video decode or encode DPB, then when querying with the corresponding video decode or encode DPB image usage in imageUsage, only one image format is returned: VK_FORMAT_UNDEFINED.

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-VkVideoFormatPropertiesKHR-sType-sType

  • VUID-VkVideoFormatPropertiesKHR-pNext-pNext
    pNext must be NULL

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