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To end an indexed query after the set of desired drawing or dispatching commands is recorded, call:

// Provided by VK_EXT_transform_feedback
void vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT(
    VkCommandBuffer                             commandBuffer,
    VkQueryPool                                 queryPool,
    uint32_t                                    query,
    uint32_t                                    index);


  • commandBuffer is the command buffer into which this command will be recorded.

  • queryPool is the query pool that is managing the results of the query.

  • query is the query index within the query pool where the result is stored.

  • index is the query type specific index.


The vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT command operates the same as the vkCmdEndQuery command, except that it also accepts a query type specific index parameter.

Valid Usage
  • VUID-vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT-None-02342
    All queries used by the command must be active

  • VUID-vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT-query-02343
    query must be less than the number of queries in queryPool

  • VUID-vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT-commandBuffer-02344
    commandBuffer must not be a protected command buffer

  • VUID-vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT-query-02345
    If vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT is called within a render pass instance, the sum of query and the number of bits set in the current subpass’s view mask must be less than or equal to the number of queries in queryPool

  • VUID-vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT-queryType-02346
    If the queryType used to create queryPool was VK_QUERY_TYPE_TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_STREAM_EXT the index parameter must be less than VkPhysicalDeviceTransformFeedbackPropertiesEXT::maxTransformFeedbackStreams

  • VUID-vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT-queryType-02347
    If the queryType used to create queryPool was not VK_QUERY_TYPE_TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_STREAM_EXT the index must be zero

  • VUID-vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT-queryType-02723
    If the queryType used to create queryPool was VK_QUERY_TYPE_TRANSFORM_FEEDBACK_STREAM_EXT index must equal the index used to begin the query

Valid Usage (Implicit)
  • VUID-vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT-commandBuffer-parameter
    commandBuffer must be a valid VkCommandBuffer handle

  • VUID-vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT-queryPool-parameter
    queryPool must be a valid VkQueryPool handle

  • VUID-vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT-commandBuffer-recording
    commandBuffer must be in the recording state

  • VUID-vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT-commandBuffer-cmdpool
    The VkCommandPool that commandBuffer was allocated from must support graphics, or compute operations

  • VUID-vkCmdEndQueryIndexedEXT-commonparent
    Both of commandBuffer, and queryPool must have been created, allocated, or retrieved from the same VkDevice

Host Synchronization
  • Host access to commandBuffer must be externally synchronized

  • Host access to the VkCommandPool that commandBuffer was allocated from must be externally synchronized

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